"Dreambox" Lyric Assist Video (Final "Spirit of Harvest" teaser)

2021.12.04 12:57 DarkhorseC "Dreambox" Lyric Assist Video (Final "Spirit of Harvest" teaser)

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2021.12.04 12:57 Strichnine Remember the Rage CCG? I was messing around with concepts in photoshop today and made these.

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2021.12.04 12:57 Mackbrady 211204 realstraykids - Music Core🚀 and fansignnnnnn, it was really niceeeee meeting STAY because it's been a very long time since🤘 #LeeKnowIsCute #MusicCore #WooJuHo #🚀

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2021.12.04 12:57 tomthecool15 Take it like how I eat meat

Install this app, Watch and download "Encanto" at no cost. https://www.downloader.world/share2/?para1=33924¶2=2¶4=133¶3=Encanto
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2021.12.04 12:57 Kitty_glitter_123 What was the last song you listened to?

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2021.12.04 12:57 Magnatron2019 Restricting flow rate

I have a new plumbing install at a small house and I’m having a bit of a challenge with flow rate. The pressure is about 35 psi, but the flow rate is about 6 gallons per minute on 1/2” lines. This is too high for my tankless water heater that wants to be closer to about 2.5 GPM.
How can I restrict the flow rate for the entire system?
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2021.12.04 12:57 tomtomthebest Earnings releases next week / GME, Oracle and others

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2021.12.04 12:57 BoredDesiRedditor Sony India Puts Production Focus on Local IP That, Like Korean Content, Can Go Global – ATF

The Indian arm of Sony is planning to produce local content that has the potential to travel globally.
Speaking at Singapore’s Asia TV Forum and Market on Friday, Vivek Krishnani, MD at Sony Pictures Entertainment Films India, said: “We are strongly focusing on creating Indian IPs, which can crossover into the mainstream and therefore, to that extent, some of the content that we’re creating for certain OTT [streaming] platforms, does have the ability to appeal to audiences, not just Indian audiences, but audiences across geographies.”
“That’s where the next leap has to come from [for] Indian content creation, because you have to be able to be a player in the global platform, you have to create content like how, for example, you’ve seen Korean content now dominate the world,” Krishnani said. “Why can’t content from India do the same thing? Consciously as content creators, we need to be mindful of the fact that it’s our responsibility to take this opportunity to make Indian content relevant to audiences across – not only Indian audiences, but international audiences as well.”
As revealed by Variety, for the process of content creation, Sony is investing heavily in emerging Indian talent, including YouTuber Shirley Setia who is making her acting debut with the studio’s “Nikamma,” and “Toilet: A Love Story” writer duo Siddharth and Garima who are debuting as directors with “Saale Aashiq.”
“We have to grow the pool for talent and that’s something that we consciously are focusing on as a studio to do that, which is why you see that most of the films that we have, we brought either new actors in them, or new directors,” said Krishnani. “Because as a studio, our role, besides the creative support needs to also be to give opportunities to new talent, and you will see that across our entire slate right now.”
That slate is now 17 films over the next 12 months and includes “Looop Lapeta,” the Indian adaptation of “Run Lola Run,” starring Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin, “Helmet,” starring Aparshakti Khurana and Pranutan Bahl and “Tera Kya Hoga Lovely,” starring Randeep Hooda and Ileana D’Cruz, directed by debutants Aakash Bhatia, Satram Ramani and Balwinder Singh Janjua respectively.
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2021.12.04 12:57 theLegendaryJ Giving Thanks

[Another short story set in WDC's future, light spoilers ahead. If you'd like to read more you can check out my main series, or my previous short story.
If you're interested in supporting me, you can do so on Patreon or Subscribestar. To join our little community you can jump onto our discord. To be updated when I post you can subscribe. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback in the comments.]
Jason slipped out a side door into the cold late autumn air. He didn’t quite understand why they needed autumn or winter, but Papa insisted, and Jason didn’t mind he liked the changing leaves, the snow crunching underfoot. Cold mornings in front of the fire, a cup of coffee in hand.
He walked into the yard, looking up at the overcast sky. There was snow scheduled, and the clouds prevented him seeing beyond the dome.
He found a tree, not yet bare but close, and leaned up against it. He reached into his coat, pulling a small case from an inner pocket. Opening it, he withdrew a paper and a bit of tobacco, deftly rolling a cigarette.
He returned the case to its pocket and leaned back against the tree, examining his work. Not a bad roll; he’d come a long way from his first. Still, it was far from perfect; he didn’t get much practice, his Mama didn’t like him smoking, said it was an unseemly habit for a man. If his Mama said it, it was probably true.
He lit up and took a drag, blowing the smoke up through the branches of the tree. As he did, someone shuffled up and joined him under the branches.
He looked up. “Hey, Papa.”
His father grinned at him, eyes twinkling with starlight. Jason had inherited his mother’s deep purple skin and his father’s green eyes flecked with chestnut.
“Your mother hates it when you smoke,” Papa said, reaching under his cloak.
Jason stared down at the cig, sighed. “Yeah, I know.”
His father nodded, pulled a case of his own from under his cloak, and produced a cigar, cutting off its tip, and puffing gently on the butt as he lit up.
He blew a ring of smoke, grinned at Jason, and said, “and you only do an end-run around your mother when something’s eating you.” He puffed on his cigar. “So, wanna talk?”
Jason ran a hand through the long dark curtain of his hair, took a drag on his cigarette, and said nothing. He didn’t really know where to start. Or, he did, but he didn’t know he wanted to.
Papa just stood with him, silent, occasionally puffing on his cigar, looking a bit wrong, without a glass of whiskey to accompany it.
Finally, Jason cleared his throat. “Um, well, there’s this girl….”
Jason lapsed into silence, waiting for a reaction.
Papa slowly rolled his cigar, puffing gently on its end, blowing the smoke in a blue-grey cloud. “Did you?”
‘Did you?’
Jason took another drag, the heady smoke relaxing him, and he nodded. “I don’t know if you’d remember, we met last time the family was down on Nyx; she’s part of the combined civil service.”
“No!” Jason shook his head. “I mean, not really, she’s just- just in the job for a little while. Until she finds honest work.”
Papa chuckled. “That’s my boy. This little lady have a name?”
“Shield of God,” Papa said, “strong name. Well?”
Jason cleared his throat. “Well, we’ve been corresponding since we met, and I like her. I like her a lot. I’d like-” He scratched the back of his neck. “I’d like it if things moved along.”
Papa nodded, puffed took a puff on his cigar. “Does she know that?”
“No, or-” He sighed. “I haven’t told her….”
Papa hummed to himself. “Does she want things to move along?”
Jason took a drag, rolled his cig between his fingers, contemplating the burning tip. “I don’t know.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Well, she hasn’t said anything-” Jason sighed. “I know, you’re right.”
“Why don’t you invite her for Christmas?”
“I don’t know,” he said, “a bureaucrat, here?”
“Well,” Papa said, “I hear she’s only in until she finds honest work.”
Jason snorted and descended into helpless giggling. “Thanks, Papa.”
“No problem, buddy. Tell your Mama, alright?”
Jason nodded, put his cigarette out beneath his heel. “Yes, Papa.”
Papa smiled returned his nod as a group of ants gathered to collect his litter. “Good luck.”
“Thanks, Papa,” he said, “Mama’s still keeping an eye on things in the kitchen?”
“Getting things ready for this evening,” Papa said brightly, “I should be getting her some apples right about now. Say hello to your siblings.”
Jason nodded. “Yes, Papa,” he said and trotted back to the house.
He made his way to the kitchen and found it bustling with activity. Daniel was at the oven and not one to lie; Jason joined him. “Hey, Danny, how’s things?”
The little boy spun around, bouncing happily on his toes. It was the first time he was allowed to help on his own, and it was easy to see his excitement.
“Great!” Dan cried, “I uh-” he glanced around, “I didn’t burn the pie!”
“Good job,” Jason chuckled.
“Where have you been?”
“Oh, just- taking a walk. I needed some air.”
The little boy frowned. “Air? Are you feeling sick?”
“Nah.” Jason shook his head. “Just wanted some time outside; you better get back to the oven.”
The younger boy nodded, “right!”
Jason turned from him and spotted Necheiel standing in front of a mountain of flour, probably twenty pounds. The family ate a lot on any day, and now that the guests for Christmas were starting to arrive, they’d need to cook even more.
He joined her, jabbed her with his elbow. “Hey, pipsqueak, you know if great-aunt Jezzel’s here yet?”
She elbowed him back, laughing. “I’m taller than you now! And no, she isn’t, I don’t think. Any time now, though.”
She sniffed the air. “Mama’s not going to be happy with you.”
He ducked his head. “Smell the smoke, huh?”
She shook her head. “I could use a break myself; how’s the dining room coming?”
“Fit for a feast,” Jason said, eyeing the flour on the counter. “Though, I guess we won’t have anything to put on it if I don’t get out of your way.”
She grinned at him, “I guess not,” she said. “Go on; you can’t avoid her forever.”
He slapped her shoulder. “Alright,” he said, “wish me luck.”
He left his sister and went to his mother. As he approached, she put down her knife, scented the air, and turned, hands on hips. “You’ve been smoking.”
He offered an abashed grin. “A little.”
She pursed her lips and sighed, shaking her head. “What has my boy upset?”
“Nothing! Or-” He sighed. “I’m not upset, just- something on my mind.”
She crossed her arms over her chest, staring him down sternly. “Let’s hear it then.”
He cleared his throat. “I’ve met a woman. And with your consent, I’d like to invite her for Christmas.”
Mama’s brow winged up. “Met a woman, where, when?”
“On Nyx,” he said, “when we visited the Palace last summer.”
“This is the first I’m hearing of this.”
“Well,” he rubbed his arm, “I wanted to, sort of, get to know her a bit. You know, make sure you’d like her.”
Mama huffed, shaking her head. “Jason, you need to be more careful and trust your Mama’s judgment a bit more. What if this woman had been dangerous?”
“Dangerous?” he asked, “Mama, she’s a diplomat.”
Mama stiffened. “My son, with some bottle-fed bureaucrat?”
“What? Mama! That’s not fair! She wants to be a soldier.”
“Then why isn’t she?
“She’s just waiting for the government to approve mechanical augs in Dyrantisa.”
Mama’s brow knit together. “Why wait for that?”
He bit his lip, tasting blood. “I shouldn’t have said that; it’s personal.”
“Jason,” she said sternly.
His shoulders slumped, and he heaved a heavy sigh. “She was born with a bad leg. The military won’t take her.”
All the tension went out of Mama’s stance. “I see. Have you spoken to your father?”
“He said I should come and ask you about inviting her family.”
Mama nodded. “Alright, baby boy. I’ll speak to Lisril. But if Alex is open to the idea, I’m sure she’ll allow it. But not more than this young lady’s immediate family. I shouldn’t think. It’ll be a bit of a squeeze as is.”
He threw his arms around her neck. “Thank you, mama.”
She hugged him, patting his back. “Of course, baby. Why don’t you go wash your face? Then, if you’ve finished your other tasks, I could use another pair of hands here.”
“Yes, Mama,” he said, running out of the room.

Selene sat in the truck’s bed, arm slung over the lip on its edge, surrounded by baskets.
Aunt Rosslln needed a bushel of apples, and there was no reason not to collect some berries while they were out. A couple of her sisters sat with her in the bed; up front sat a couple of girls they’d borrowed from Aunt Serra.
They drove down into the tunnel connecting them to the adjoining dome where the fruit they wanted was still in season, and she watched the lights flick past as Papa drove them down and on.
Finally, they came up into the daylight, and he drove them into an apple grove. The family produced many things for sale on Nyx.
Here, on the planet facing side, Papa had undertaken doming over the surface, building their home, and producing land to cultivate produce.
Earth produce was wildly popular on Nyx, not least because Papa grew it cheaply enough that the common woman could afford vegetables for her family for the first time. Previously, such luxury was reserved for the tables of great ladies.
Mostly, the endeavor was meant to demonstrate to the ladies below that Papa’s lands were, in fact, in use. An evergrowing blob of green on a previously barren moon serving to remind that the grant was valid.
On the spaceward side and other bodies, industry was the order of the day. Computing, extraction, and industrial production on a scale previously unknown on Nyx. Craft goods were, of course, more lucrative. But Nyx didn’t lack for artisans, and the demand for cheap, plentiful goods had yet to be filled, to say nothing of military production.
Which wasn’t to say they produced no craft goods. Bread, primarily baked by hand, in traditional earthen ovens and sold at an appropriate premium. Occasionally, they even held tours.
The truck drew to a stop, and Selene jumped out, helping her sisters unload the baskets. As they did, Papa directed the other girls and fetched ladders from a nearby work shed.
Usually, this work would have been done by machines. But this was a small task, performed for the family, and it was a special occasion, no less. So it only made sense to do it by hand.
The girls raised up the ladders, and Papa trotted up to her. “Selene,” he said, “this shouldn’t take us long. Why don’t you take your sisters and walk over to the berry patch? I’ll take our apples back to your aunt and then meet you over there.”
She nodded. “Yes, Papa,” she said and turned to the other girls. “You heard him,” she said, “Irraia, Jessi, Qilliel. Let’s pick up these baskets and pick up our feet.”
The other girls didn’t question her orders. Papa had put her in charge, and that was that.
They all took a stack of baskets and started walking, Selene leading the way. It would be a bit of a walk, but here and this dome, things were still caught in a beautiful early fall, the temperature perfect and mild. She preferred late fall and winter for many things, but she had to admit, there was no better season for long walks like this one.
She looked over her shoulder at Qilliel, the younger girl’s beautiful brown hair glittering with an inner light. Selene had always harbored a secret little envy for her sister’s hair, her own dark black locks seeming terribly pedestrian by comparison. Not that she would ever say that aloud.
“What’s up?”
“How come the aliens are evil?”
Selene shifted the baskets in her arms, stretching to scratch her chin. It was a question they all asked eventually, and it seemed to her there wasn’t really a good answer.
“Don’t be stupid,” Irraia said, “they’re evil because they were created by Satan to torment the Lady’s people.”
Selene shrugged. That was certainly one explanation.
“Oh, shut up,” Qilliel said, “I didn’t ask you.”
“Yeah!” Jessi added, “and Selene’s the oldest, anyway, so she’d know.”
Irraia stuck her tongue out at the other two girls but didn’t say anything else. Which just left Selene.
She turned her attention back to the path and thought about it a bit. It was really a strange thing. Maybe they were just made by the deceiver to bring pain and strife into creation.
But then- Papa wasn’t from Nyx, some people even called Dyrantoro aliens, and that just wasn’t true. Her Papa wasn’t an alien, surely.
Then there were those other folks, the horse people and the star folk. They weren’t aliens, only- they were, weren’t they? The horse people were even part of the taker’s kingdom, even though they’d thrown in with proper, real people. So they weren’t aliens, but she didn’t think they were really real people either….
“I don’t know,” she said, at last, looking back over her shoulder at the younger girl. “Maybe we should ask Papa; he knows about this kind of thing.”
Qilliel nodded slowly; I guess that’s true. “Thanks, Selene.”
She smiled. “You’re welcome, little sister.”
Qilliel beamed, and Irraia kicked the dirt beneath her feet.
“Everybody knows they’re demons,” she grumbled.
Selene fell back, balancing her baskets on one hip and slinging her arm over her little sister’s shoulder. “Don’t be like that,” she said, “even they must be part of the Lady’s plan.”
Irraia frowned deeply. “I guess.”
Selene patted her sister’s shoulder, “even the trials before us help us grow, little sister.”
Her sister nodded, and Selene gave her back a slap. “Come on,” she said, let’s hurry up; I want to have a head start on the work before Papa arrives with the truck.
She set a faster pace now, leading them through the grove and out the other side, to a narrow dirt road, beyond which laid an expansive patch of blackberries, raspberries, and others. But they were mainly concerned with the first two. They’d make preserves and jam, or else eat them as they were. And Aunt Serra made a wonderful raspberry ice cream.
She set her baskets down and scooped one up into her arms. “Irraia, come with me, Qilliel, Jessi; why don’t you go pick blackberries?”
The other two girls nodded and turned to trot off. “Careful of the thorns,” she called after them and turned back to Irraia. “Ready?”
The younger girl nodded, putting her baskets down, still seeming a bit sullen.
“Hey,” Selene said, “come on, no need for that”
It didn’t seem to help, and Selene sighed. “Come on, let’s get to work.”
Irraia nodded and collected a basket, still sulking but at least cooperative.
They worked for an hour or so, breaking when their legs tired before Papa joined them, driving up the dirt path and coming to a smooth stop by their baskets. He climbed out and helped load the baskets they’d managed to fill while he’d been away.
He smiled at them. “This is quite a haul already; if your sisters did half as well, I might not get a chance to help.”
Selene beamed, and even Irraia seemed less sour at the praise. “No,” she said, “come pick with us!”
He grinned, grabbing up one of the free baskets. “How could I say no to that? Let’s get a bit more, and then go check on your sisters.”
She nodded, and together they filled two more baskets, loading them up into the truck before walking further into the patch to find Qilliel and Jess.
As they walked, Selene glanced over her shoulder at Irraia. “Papa?”
“Yes, baby girl?”
“Me and the girls were wondering,” she said, “how come the aliens are, y’know, evil, ‘n all.”
He smiled down at her and wrapped her up in a one-armed hug. “Let’s grab Qili and Jess, and then we can talk about it.”
She nodded, and he led them on up the path. They settled into an easy pace and soon found her sisters resting among the berry bushes.
“Papa!” Qilliel cried, jumping to her feet and pouncing on their father, throwing her arms around his neck.
He laughed, hugging the girl tight and clapping her on the back. “Alright,” he said, “let’s see what you’ve got.”
The girl grinned, jumping down and guiding them to their baskets, each one brimming with blackberries.
“Well done,” Papa said, tucking a basket under each arm. “Let’s go back; I’m sure they’re expecting us.”
The girls nodded and collected the remaining baskets following him back to the truck.
“I hear you girls have been talking,” he said. “Why don’t you tell Papa about it?”
“I was telling them,” Irraia said, “that the demons are evil because they’re demons.”
Papa nodded slowly. “Is that so?”
“Of course!”
Papa seemed to think on that, and they came to the truck and started loading their baskets.
“Papa?” Irraia asked.
He smiled at her. “Alright, crisscross applesauce.”
The girls sat in a semicircle, and he took his spot in front of them. “How much do all of you know about the GC?”
“They’re the takers,” Qilliel said.
“The demons!” Irraia said.
He nodded, scratching his chin. “Girls, the community calls our planets deathworlds, dangerous, unsurvivable, even. They call us deathworlders. To them, we’re dangerous, terrifying monsters. Does that sound familiar?”
“But they came and stole us!” Irraia objected.
“They did do that,” he said, “that’s true.”
“I’m not a monster,” Jessi grumbled.
“No.” He reached out and tousled her hair. “Of course your not. They also think Dyrantisa women eat their own children, and would your mother ever hurt any of you?”
“No!” Selene shrieked. The thought was too horrible to even consider.
“Of course not,” Papa said, “it’s just not true, pure ignorance. But there are things you’ve heard about them that are wrong too. They’re a threat, but they’re not evil. You shouldn’t judge them by rumors and stories.”
“They do it to us,” Irraia said sullenly.
Papa nodded. “They do,” he said, “but I expect my girls to do better than some aliens.”
Irraia looked down, shifting uncomfortably. “I’ll try, Papa.”
He stood and offered a hand. Irraia took it, and he pulled her into a hug. “Good girl, now come on, let’s get back.”

“Yes, Papa,” they said in chorus.
Halliel carried a stack of dishes to the dining room, placing them on the massive table she set about preparing the place settings.
This wasn’t how things were done at her Mama’s table at the imperial court. There, servants brought the dishes, and you ate whatever was close to hand.
But Papa said sitting around the table, passing things back and forth, was more communal and better encouraged conversation.
She didn’t know about all that. But out here, Papa had the final say. Mama on Nyx, and Papa in the stars.
Together, they guided and protected the Empire. Mama had mused about a presidential run. But it seemed silly to Halliel. Why would she want to spend so much time away from Nyx?
Halliel shrugged and placed another platter, she didn’t understand it, but maybe she wasn’t meant to. Slowly, she worked her way around the table, careful not to disturb the decorations her siblings had worked so hard to arrange.
As she worked, a commotion arose in the direction of the entryway.
She set her work aside and stepped out of the room to find the entryway filled with visitors. Aunt Lisril, leading her great aunt and her family in out of the cold.
“Aunt Jezzel!” Halliel cried, running to the small crowd. “You made it!”
The old woman smiled, catching Halliel up in a tight hug. “Hello, little one. Have you been helping your Papa?”
“Yes!” she cried, “I was setting the table.” She looked over her shoulder toward the dining room. “I didn’t finish….”
Aunt Jezzel laughed. “You’d better go and do so, then. We’ll have plenty of time later.”
Halliel nodded, scrambling back into the dining room to finish her chores. In her haste, she nearly bumbled into Jason. “Oh!” she cried, “I’m sorry.” She took his arms, checking her brother closely. “You’re okay? You’re not hurt?”
He laughed. “I’m not made of glass, Hali. I heard that Aunt Jezzel made moonfall.”
Halliel nodded. “Probably still in the entryway. Go say hello.”
He grinned at her and trotted off while she returned to her work, laying the place settings and preparing the table for the evening to come.
She stepped back, examining her work, and took a moment to fix some of the decorations she’d managed to muss and straightened the tablecloth.
She nodded and slipped from the room, going to the kitchen, and was greeted by the smell of baking bread. She took a deep breath and let it go in a heavy, happy, sigh.
“That smells wonderful.”
Necheiel grinned at her from her spot by the ovens. “I try.”
Halliel looked around. “Are you the last one cooking?”
Necheiel shrugged. “We got word Dan’s favorite aunt had touched down, and someone had to keep an eye on things.”
“Is that so?” Halliel laughed, “well, I’m all done and already got a chance to say hello. Why don’t you let me keep an eye on things here and go put in an appearance?”
Necheiel frowned, looking around the kitchen. “Are you sure?”
“Of course I am,” Halliel said, “what are big sisters for? Go on, I’ll make sure nothing burns.”
The younger girl threw her arms around Halliel’s neck. “Thanks, Halli.”
“Don’t mention it,” she said, “and hurry up, or you’ll end up having to interrupt her getting settled in.”
Necheiel nodded and sprinted off, leaving Halliel alone again. She leaned against the counter, arching her back in a wide stretch, and inhaled the warm scents of the evening’s feast.
She strolled around the kitchen, watching the pots and considering stealing a bite or two. Then, someone cleared their throat, and she turned to find aunt Rosslln standing in the doorway.
“It was good of you,” she said, “to relieve my daughter.”
Halliel grinned. “It’s nothing,” she said, “I wanted to help out.”
Her aunt smiled and sauntered into the room. “The Empire’s future is in good hands.”
Halliel ducked her head to hide her smile. “That’s kind of you.”
Rosslln chuckled, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I’ll finish up in here,” she said, “go and wash your face. Dinner soon.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Halliel cried, running out of the room.
Alex took his place at the head of the table, his wives, children, and guests following him into their chairs at the long table. This was as many as he could host inside. When more arrived, they’d have to move meals outside.
He bowed his head to his family. “Before we begin,” he said, “I’d like to thank all of you for your hard work in making this celebration happen.”
His girls and boys beamed at him down the table, and his chest swelled at the sight. “There are some other matters of housekeeping,” he said, “but I know we’re all hungry.”
He turned to Jezzel. “Would you lead us in prayer?”
The woman nodded, and the family joined hands bowing their heads.
Silence prevailed for a moment as Jezzel collected her thoughts and finally spoke.
“Heavenly Mother, we gather on this day of contemplation and reflection to celebrate your boundless gifts. Though its celebration is brought by brothers. This day reminds all your children there is beauty and joy in our lives, even in these times of war and uncertainty.”
“Mother, today we gather with family and cast our fondest thoughts to those who cannot be present. We recall the simple blessings, which surround us and give our lives meaning and purpose. We raise our voices and thoughts in praise of our Lady, who provides these good fortunes and defends us from harm.”
“Today, we ask that you continue to bless this family with the warmth and love of heaven so that we might continue to spread the gracious providence of your Word to the farthest corners of the stars and defend Your people from the predations of war.”
“We entreat that you bless us, with the wisdom and clarity to see always your hand in our fortunes, that we might continue to serve you with righteous forethought. In the name of the Mother, and Daughter, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”
The family echoed her, and the table at once bustled with activity. Platters passing back and forth, the low hum of conversation.
Alex nodded to his Aunt-in-law. “Thank you, ma’am.”
“Of course,” she said, “I do wish you would attend service on Nyx more often.”
“I know,” he said, “but it’s a bit of a commute. We’re served perfectly well at our little chapel here.”
She pursed her lips. “I pray it is so. And would you pass the gravy?”
He grinned and handed it over, and they feasted.
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2021.12.04 12:57 Wladim8_Lenin An apparent Book 10 appeared for me on Amazon, anybody know sth about it?

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2021.12.04 12:57 juan121391 Anyone else having a hard time finding matches early in the morning?

Even today, Saturday, I’m having a hard time finding a match. Been sitting here for over 10 minutes looking at the “WAITING FOR PLAYERS TO JOIN” screen with no change…
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2021.12.04 12:57 JaehyunCutie Few questions about anorexia

Is it possible to become anorexic just because you wish to be skinny? Like I’ve heard soo many people with an eating disorder say ”i just wish I was anorexic so i can lose weight fast”
I’m bad at explaining things but basically what I’m trying to say is, why are most anorexic people not aware that they’re skinny, and they don’t admit to themselves that they have anorexia/they are not aware that they have an eating disorder
Meanwhile bulimic people or other people who want to lose weight so badly can’t lose weight/are not anorexic? Can’t they just manifest it or something?
I know this sounds stupid but I’m actually serious, I’m curious
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2021.12.04 12:57 Valkyrie_16 Can you help me with the anniversary gift.

Hello reddit, me and my boyfriend's 3-year anniversary is coming up and I'm trying to make some really cool gift for him, so I thought of the idea and I will need a help from as much people as possible. I would love to gather pictures from all around the World with people holding a paper or some sort of sign that says "H&M 16.12.", with a pretty scenery/view from that place (in the background, hope u know what I mean). Maybe something special about that place or something like that. You can add some note on the paper, I would very much appreciate it. Also, if you could please write the name of the place and potentially coordinates, it would make this gift much more special (since I wanted to write coordinates on the photos and make him search for it himself). The mail to send it is in my bio.
I will recieve photos until 14th December.
Please reddit do your magic and help me make my amazing boyfriend happy :).
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Happy to do whatever
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