24 F4M Wanna suck my 34Ds?

2021.12.04 12:51 Blueslurpeee 24 F4M Wanna suck my 34Ds?

I have a soft spot for virgins and 18 year old guys. Message me to exchange pics on Snapchat. Can host.
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2021.12.04 12:51 GGBVanix Let's Play Index - Update for December 2021

Hey everyone! I'm creating a website called Let's Play Index to help organize YouTube content creators like let's players and game reviewers. This is an update to my previous post from back in August. I've had a breakthrough in the game detection algorithm that I'm really excited about! But let's talk about some games first...
This post is NOT sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends, but let's talk about it anyway. You've probably heard of RAID: Shadow Legends from the many ads and sponsorship deals from YouTube influencers with 6-figure or even 7-figure subscriber counts. I had the game detection data and additional channels for it for the last couple of months, and strangely enough the game has somewhat of a following; over 600 million views across 66,000 videos. It may seem unpopular if you simply listen to how annoyed gamers are about the ads, but no one really had any numbers to back that up. Now Let's Play Index has some of those numbers, at least the YouTube numbers anyway, and we can objectively deduce that the game has a genuine following with content creators making videos and people watching them. Now let's go back to hating it. Down with this sort of thing!
Star Stable Online and Female Content Creators One of the weirdest games that caught my eye was Star Stable Online. This is a horse-back-riding MMO game - that's right, it's a massive-multiplayer online game with ponies. I was really surprised to see somewhat of a populated community around this game. Many of these content creators are female, and they tend to have a high viewership and subscriber base. The data I have on the game show it having almost a billion views across 68,000 videos. It's like when scientists dug deep into the ice of Antarctica and found life. I literally have never heard anyone talking about this game before. I only found it because videos were not being associated with a game, and I saw that this was the game that wasn't being detected. Even then, I still didn't pay attention to it until I started seeing this game climbing the viewership ranks.
I did talk about female content creators before; I exhausted every list of female YouTubers out there, and have since been adding channels manually as I find them. I definitely have the largest list of female content creators on YouTube at this point, a list that can only gets bigger when I come across a female content creator by chance and manually flag their channel in the database. A huge chunk of the female channels I flagged recently came from Star Stable Online. I wish there was a better way to do this. If you have any suggestions, let me know!
Adding Games In order to add the game detection data, I end up having to read spoilers to get keywords like character names, locations, and objectives. It's not really a problem for most games since I don't have any interest in playing them, but a handful of games that I want to play and haven't played yet will ultimately be spoiled in order for the site to detect the game properly. It's kind of a bummer, but I'm also excited when I think about where this site will be a couple years from now.
I'm still having a problem with incorrect game detection happening for several reasons. I've already mentioned "Mortal Kombat" in a previous update, and that's still an issue. Another reason is due to games with generic names like Control being incorrectly detected on videos, primarily because the game being played in the videos do not exist on the site yet. Kind of annoying, but it's also a blessing in disguise since I can also use it as list of games to add to the site. In any case, more games are slowly being added, and the incorrect games on videos usually corrects itself when those games are added.
Game Detection Optimizations In the last couple of months, I had a massive breakthrough in the optimization of the game detection algorithm. I've experienced up to a 99% decrease in the detection time for many videos. Benchmarking the detection times before and after the optimization, it went from 1.8-2.2 seconds (1800-2200ms) to around 10-500ms. How did I do it? By grouping all the keywords together. For example, if "Pokemon" doesn't appear in the metadata of a video, the algorithm won't bother checking any of the Pokemon games. Same thing with "Call of Duty" and "Final Fantasy". The algorithm is skipping the checks for thousands of games that are now guaranteed not to be there.
That's where the 10-500ms detection times come from. The fastest times come from videos lacking proper metadata (poor SEO), while on the slower processing times come from videos with length descriptions and special characters. In any case, millions of videos are now processed extremely quickly. This optimization seems so obvious in hindsight, but not so much when you already have so much on your plate and can't really think about it. I don't even remember how that idea first popped into my head, but it doesn't matter now.
Basically, the $3000 compute cluster I was talking about before is now obscenely overkill for my purposes. This also plays into the power usage of the compute cluster, and the overall power usage of the server rack; three servers are idle and the fourth barely has any load on it. I do have a fifth stand-alone with the same specs, so I'm thinking of turning off those 4 servers and re-purposing them at a later time. Suffice to say, I don't think there's much more I can do in terms of optimization for the time being.
Server Rack Update This will be the last of the hardware acquisitions for the year. I bought two new servers running Xeon D processors, intended for low-power usage. These will replace a couple of older, power-hungry servers that really don't need much power. The idea here is to lower power usage in the server rack so I can run more servers in the MongoDB cluster and increase the amount of video data that I can store effectively. This also cumulates with the power-savings that I got from the optimized game detection algorithm. If I can bring everything under 2000 watts, I should be able to roll out 4 more cheap MongoDB nodes and bring the total cluster memory from 768 GB to 1.5 TB. Fast I/O for the data is key for keeping the site up-to-date. As of writing, the new servers are currently in transit; I'm hoping they'll arrive before Christmas.
Used In Mainstream Media Sometime in the future, I want Let's Play Index to be used as a reliable resource by the mainstream media. It's already happening with my other website, Esports Earnings, with articles by CNBC. Since the last update post, the BBC released a video about female players in esports, and I provided unpublished aggregate data to Joe Tidy, the reporter in the video. Sooner or later, I'm hoping more will come to me for numbers to gauge the popularity of games on YouTube. The only way it's going to happen is if I improve the accuracy of the data, and that happens by adding more games.
This is what's happening with Let's Play Index at this point in time. As of this post, the site is tracking over 210 million videos across 670,000 channels and 8000 games. I'm going to be diverting more of my attention to Esports Earnings since I'm also working on features for that site.
For me personally, Let's Play Index is also where I'm learning how to use different technologies such as Elasticsearch and MongoDB. I figure it's better to learn them on a new project than to implement them on an existing project and risk breaking something that works perfectly fine. Now that I have functional clusters for both of these technologies, I can complete features that need them for Esports Earnings. That doesn't mean I'm pausing development of Let's Play Index; I'll still be adding games and channels. I've also created a listing for views received by games within the last week. But after that breakthrough with the game detection algorithm, I think the site functionality will be good for now.
Some of you might have also noticed that I don't participate in the weekly spotlight for let's players or any of the promotional stuff that happens on this subreddit. I already have these update posts, and there's a permanent link to the site on the sidebar. I already SEO the heck out of the videos on my channel anyway, so I think it's better to let others have those opportunities for exposure since they don't have the opportunities I have.
As the saying goes, "it's better to give than to receive". Keep developing your own channels, improve yourselves as content creators, and always try to have a positive impact within the community. If everyone did that, the gaming community will be a better place. Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!
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2021.12.04 12:51 Odd_Butterscotch120 am a NEET (not in employment, education or training) and family keeps using the fact that they are paying for therapy against me

I know, I know. I'm spoiled piece of shit, that's what I feel like too. I feel like crying even as I write this because this is so wrong, why the hell can't I just work like a normal person and pay for my bills myself?
My entire childhood and growing up years were messed up. I developed a perfectionistic personality due to some of the stuff and basically developed a horrible inner critic that tortured me. Every time I would try to do something, the inner critic would bully me to the point where I would be suicidal. I'm unemployed and don't work because I'm afraid of it, I feel worthless, I feel like I'm not good enough, I feel afraid that the inner critic will crucify me. I want to work, make no mistake about that, I hate it so much that I'm financially dependent on my parents. I need therapy in order to overcome this and I am in therapy right now, I started therapy recently.
My family controls me with money and they use that as a threat every time. I don't ask them for anything but they do pay my medical bills. They have often threatened to stop paying. I also have another serious health issue where without a good education, even if I get a job, it'll be impossible for me to pay for those issues myself. This is why I really need to get my college degree. What I need more than anything is therapy. I don't have insurance, they don't believe in insurance and they didn't buy it when I was a kid, I became ill as a kid and now no insurance will cover me where I'm at because I already have a pre-existing conditions.
I feel so helpless, so pathetic, so small right now. I'm in my mid 20s, I am capable of working, it's so wrong that I don't. I cannot even explain my reasons and my fears because even those sound pathetic. All I can say is that them threatening to stop paying for therapy is making me suicidal which is so freaking stupid too. There's a solution to my issue, right? just work! Simple. Except I am paralysed by the fear of working. I need therapy to overcome that. I know I don't deserve anyone's sympathy and I'm not asking for it, everyone works, even sick people work, so what right do I have to complain. It's my fault, I know. I'm feeling very low right so please don't attack me here, I know my situation is my fault.
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2021.12.04 12:51 CircleWork Meet Izzy, rescued off the streets of Cyprus as a kitten. I'm sure you'll agree she's beautiful, despite the slightly annoyed look on her face 😸

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2021.12.04 12:51 ContentForager2 [Adler] Aaron Judge received 9 votes in the New York City mayoral election. Five of those votes were from Staten Island. h/t @2AvSagas vote.nyc/sites/default/… (/r/NYYankees)

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2021.12.04 12:51 okbruh_panda r/bnmlk newest t-shirt spam spawning ground

Example https://www.reddit.com/bnmlk/comments/qs3k81/d/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
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2021.12.04 12:51 12nb34 ... and a woman in Lusaka District who had not travelled abroad recently and had mild symptoms. The Omicron variant has been detected in 39 countries, up from 23 just two days ago.

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2021.12.04 12:51 americangame What child is this, who, laid to rest, On my ex-wife's lap is sleeping?

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2021.12.04 12:51 crafty-p Rainbow wall in the Tate, London

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2021.12.04 12:51 yolloonno Relationship ended badly, now i worried if i got her pregnant or not

I 26m dated a girl 27f, for almost 3 months. I ended things after i found out and realized that she had more serious problems then i could help with or handle myself.
I tried very hard to make things work with her but she repetivly would push me away, say incredibly nasty things to me, and was mean to me on several occasions.
The main issue is that i only ever found out at the end of our time together, how her previous relationship before me had ended only 2 weeks before i met her. So i found out i was just a rebound and it made me feel used.
Also she had many insecurities when it came to dating, she had a hard time trusting me, she would over react to nonconsequential things and just generaly blow things out of proportion on a regular basis.
These insecurities would exasperate when she would drink. This is when we almost broke up several times in the heat of the moment as we would argue. She would push me away and say cruel things to me.
She would want a drink every time we hung out. I figured a beer or two at dinner is fine. Or Some wine, one mix drink isnt a big deal here or there. It wasnt till the end that i realized that she needed to drink. Like at one point she begged me to get her another beer. Literally begged me and annoyed me like a child until i finaly went and got her another one.
She would call me a party pooper if i didnt want to drink. A few times she said that she needed to drink just to have fun with me.
I had never encountered this before. I had never been apart of a relationship like this ever.
We had many conversations about her drinking and she promised me she would cut back, controll her drinking, exc. But then she would turn around and immediately over do it again. This was the last straw for me.
I would try to defuse the situation, calm her, reasure her, exc and sometimes it would work. We would make up and everything would be fine again. She would always appologize profusely the next day after she would sober up and beg me not to leave her.
We came to a understanding that over time her insecurities would subside, and that we could have a good healthy relationship together. I did really like her, smart, beautiful, educated, Successful.
But she never changed her behavior. She continued to drink in excess and our fights continued to happen. They got more and more severe each time. My patients with her grew shorter and shorter and i finaly decided i had, had enough. So i ended things after about 3 months of dating.
I told her it was over but she refused to leave my house, staying for nearly 8 hours after i explicitly told her to leave. She was in complete denial.
A few days later i asked her to meet me at a bar. Where i told her again that it was over and that im done. She then followed me to my car and stood infront of the vehicle, blocking me in and i could not drive away.
I got out and walked away but she stood and waited at my car for me to return. So i had a family memeber pick me up and we got my car later, after she left.
Now its been about 3 weeks and she has been spam calling, texting, messaging my friends and family on social media. I block her numbers but she uses a app to make a new number instantly and continues to harras me.
What really worries me however is the possibility that i might have gotten her pregnant. We had sex fairly often, she wanted it much more often then i did but we used protection. Except for two times where i did not use protection for just a minute or two at a time. I never finished inside her and i never let myself get to close to cumming but of course any unprotected can result in pregnancy.
She would say things like i didnt trust her, and that if i did i would have sex with her unprotected. She told me that her sister was trying for a baby with her husband for quite awhile and was unsuccessful, and that she herself most likley had a similar issue with fertility. She would seduce me and i was weak to resist. She said often how she did not want a child and that she would get a abortion no matter what right now.
I know what i did was wrong and i will never have unprotected sex again, but i realy was trying to make things work with her. I thought that if i just remained a strong constant for her and contiued to reasure her i would prove my loyalty. I of course took this to far, allowing us to have unprotected sex and i regret it.
Trying to make things work with her and after all she said about it lead me to going along with doing it. Even if it was a bad decision to have unprotected sex.
Im not looking for criticism i just wanted to vent this and hopfully get some opinions or reasurences myself from this community. I have been stressed out because of this and the thought of her getting pregnent and not getting a abortion is terrifying me. Even if the chances are very low, it is scary that she may use it as a way to get me back or trap me.
While i was with her i thought i could trust her, i thought she just had some bad previous relationships and that we could make things work but now i feel like i dont even know who i was dating.
I hope others who read this can learn from it and as a reminder to keep your shit wrapped. That this os a example of what not to do. Do not put up with things in a relationship on the hopes that it gets better. This can be very difficult to do or even to see as your partner may be giving you love and affection. Sex is also a powerful binder between two people.
I think it is important to be very strict with your partner. If they showcase any negative behavior like what i have mentioned here. Do not put up with it. Give them 1, maybe 2 chances otherwise just leave them. I gave her the benefit of the doubt to much, i "saw past" her insecurities to much, never realizing or accepting the bigger issues here.
Also i want to promote talking with a trusted friend. I had a buddy that i could confide in about what was going on during my relationship and he waa able to give me a good outside perspective.
Even with his help though, i let things go to far with my ex and now my life is constantly berated by my ex and the fear of pregnancy.
I qas i experienced and naive in this relationship and i thought thay by doing the "right thing" i could make the relationship work. But you cant change people, they have to do it themselves.
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2021.12.04 12:51 handyhudsonite Even at her age, she still loves to play by mountain streams.

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2021.12.04 12:51 gardenia-c7omp_l26 Mystic Being - i love her

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2021.12.04 12:51 tokaze_chan Pairing Elite Active 65t to PS3

I'm trying to pair my jabra to my PS3 and everything works, until it asks for a pass key/identification key/activation key...not sure how it's called in English. I tried 0000 and 1234 but it did not work.
Is there a way to find that key to pair it successfully?
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2021.12.04 12:51 endofthefkingworld well, which is it?

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2021.12.04 12:51 ScabsAreYummy Upgrade Rim brake or switch to disc?

Currently have I think a tektro rim brake, and noticed how awful the brakes are. Not sure if it's because of the brand or rim brakes are generally bad. Should I switch to disc instead or upgrade to 105 rim brakes? Reason for 105 is, my GS is currently Tiagra and will upgrade to 105 if ever the brakes are worth upgrading.
All thoughts are welcome!
I realized this because when I went to antipolo. Naubos literally yung brake pad ko pababa 😅
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2021.12.04 12:51 user3494009058 P6 Pro: lightly audible click in the phone when starting to use the camera

Most noticeable when holding the device so the camera looks at the ground, like for scanning documents. Not really loud but in a silent environment kind of irritating, also sounds a bit cheap and different each time.
Can anyone reproduce that?
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2021.12.04 12:51 HeyokaEmpath1943 Die Lit

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2021.12.04 12:51 Adriantheguy12 Democratic People’s Republic of The Congo

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2021.12.04 12:51 gardenia-c7omp_l26 Mystic Being - i love her

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2021.12.04 12:51 Mental_Consequence50 I589 Pending asylum interview

I applied for asylum in in 05/29/2020 biometrics in July 2021. Since then my status says that next step is an interview. According to your experience how long does it take to schedule an interview? I also applied for EAD 39 days ago in Texas Center. Asylum office in Bethpage,NY
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2021.12.04 12:51 face_7430 Which unit is the best to quickly kill insurgents?

Text (optional)
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2021.12.04 12:51 SqueegeBeckenheim Sherb is making pumpkin soup

I'll be open for a little bit if you wanna pop on over just take the pipe to his house.
Comment below if you are interested and I'll DM you a dodo. Please ignore the island as it's a mess and leave through the airport.
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2021.12.04 12:51 SeaworthinessOk6622 How spells work and doubts

Ive recently had someone do a spell for me (an actual coven) and I know it’s gonna work but I was wondering do the ‘what if’ thoughts in your head affect the spell like could it stop it from working.
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2021.12.04 12:51 Vin1ciu5 Aonde posse chegar seguindo na área de desenvolvimento desktop? (Windows)

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2021.12.04 12:51 LurkingLeprechaun Intercessor loadout

If I wanted to equip my intercessor sargeant with one of the allowed melee options (like chainsword or powerfist) where would I get them from?
I'm relatively new to th hobby and started with a combat patrol box but the intercessor sprues don't include the pieces for all of the ways the unit can be equipped. I thought maybe this was just a combat patrol thing, but looking at the sprues online for the intercessor box set I don't see those pieces either.
Why can the unit be equipped with wargear that doesn't come with the models?
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