Revenge in the Army

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2021.12.04 14:23 OdinTheAmerican Revenge in the Army

Revenge in the Army
I was in the Army, and while away on a four day pass, my barracks room was broken into and a significant amount of my military equipment (helmet, backpack, weapons web belt ammo carrier etc) was stolen, to the tune of approximately $800 in 1984 dollars. When l returned, there were tool marks on the locked room door and it was clearly a break in. I notified my platoon sergeant and 1st sergeant, and they said to call the military police. Then the company commandecommanding officer, who outranked us, called me and stated he didn’t want the break-in being reported to the military police because then our company would show up in the higher level (division) police blotter and this would make him, the company commandecommanding officer (CO) look bad. So he told me to do a report of survey, a form used to be reimbursed for lost equipment, and l wouldn’t have to pay for the stolen equipment, whose replacement costs were a month’s pay.
Well l submitted the paperwork, and without the police report, my request to be reimbursed was denied and l was told l would have to pay for all the stolen equipment. I was shocked because it was a lot of money and l was just about to leave the army to go back to college. I needed that money to survive. The CO told me that was a tough break and there was nothing he could do to help me, even though it was his orders l had followed.
Well turns out, just a week before we found out that division would not replace my stolen equipment, l had led our company thru a nuclear, biological and chemical weapons evaluation exercise (that was my specialty in the Army) and the spineless CO, sat out the exercise, and just “observed.” This placed me in a leadership position to do his job, while a Captain from our division HQ graded our actions. I was a junior sergeant who had to maneuver, lead and direct the whole company of 120 men, including senior lieutenants, to a staging area 5 miles away, thru the security procedures to secure the decontamination site and then lead the cleaning of our men, tanks and equipment from the simulated chemical attack. I had never maneuvered an armored company before, but l did it, and the other sergeants and lieutenants in the unit were shocked that the CO hadn’t helped me during the exercise. The process went well, and at the end, a captain from division who was evaluating us, congratulated me on doing a good job. In front of the company, this captain then explained our next steps we would do. He made a mistake and told the troops wrong information, that in combat would get them killed. I was leaving the Army, but l cared enough about my fellow soldiers to want them to be combat proficient. So politely, and respectfully l corrected what the captain had said, but he clearly resented me making him look silly. I guess he was embarrassed a lower ranking soldier corrected him and that made him noticeably embarrassed. At the end of the de-briefing, l was walking back to my armored vehicle to radio our HQ that now we had completed our decontamination (a requirement of the exercise) and were operational again, and this captain followed me, away from the other soldiers. He asked what l was going to do, and l told him l was about to make the radio call to HQ, and he told me that wouldn’t be necessary, l could just tell him what l would say. I told him and he told me our unit had passed the evaluation. Luckily for me, my 1st Sergeant overheard him say this to me.
Now fast forward to where l find out that my equipment would not be replaced, and a couple days later, l was called into the CO’s office with my 1st Sergeant and told our company had flunked the training evaluation because l hadn’t made that radio call. I was getting out of the Army, so didn’t really care but it was bad news for my CO. I was shocked because the other captain, who outranked me, told me not to make the radio call that our unit was decontaminated and operational again. Turns out that the captain was immature and mad at me since l had embarrassed him in front of all the soldiers in my unit.
I still was angry at the CO for ordering me not to call the police about my barracks room break-in, and how he didn’t care that l would now have to pay a lot of money to replace my stolen equipment. So l didn’t defend myself or tell the CO what really happened with the evaluation or that captain. When I left the COs office, the 1st Sergeant told me he heard the other captain tell me not to make that radio call, but not to say anything; our CO was a jerk who would get us all killed in a war and his unit flunking the evaluation made him look really bad, so he asked me to keep my mouth shut.
A couple weeks later, the CO was rude to a sick soldier in our unit, while l was out processing to leave the Army. Everyone hated him even more for this. So our supply sergeant, who was retiring from the army, and after the CO signed for all the military equipment in the supply room, told me he couldn’t believe the CO had screwed me over on my stolen equipment and that he would help me. So he handed me the keys to the supply room that the CO hadn’t collected, and told me to take whatever military equipment l would need to replace my stolen equipment, since the CO was now responsible to replace everything in the supply room with his money. He also apologized that some of the replacement equipment l would need, was not in the supply room and he felt bad l would still have to pay a couple hundred dollars out of pocket to replace some of the stolen equipment.
The supply sergeant also answered my questions about where all the backup training logs for our unit’s weapons and physical training tests were kept. We were about to be inspected by higher headquarters and these records were super important for the CO to pass the inspection and be promoted and not be kicked out of the Army.
The day before l got out of the army with an honorable discharge, and just a couple days before this huge important inspection, it was discovered that the whole company’s year’s worth of weapons training records , the back up records and electronic records were missing or wiped clean. The CO had to explain this embarrassing situation to his bosses, who were not happy with him, and they had to spend a lot of money in ammo to requalify the whole company on all our weapons and re-due our physical tests (PT)of running, push-ups etc. Meanwhile my fellow soldiers loved it because they liked to shoot machine guns, throw grenades, shoot cannons etc.
My last day in the Army, at morning formation, as everyone was getting ready to do the make up PT test and later all day doing make-up weapon qualifications for several more days, my awesome 1st sergeant told me that the disappearing records was the best ETS (end term of service) prank he had ever seen. I of course replied that l didn’t know what he was talking about. He laughed, winked at me and told me l was a good soldier and that he would miss me. He then shook my hand and wished me well.
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2021.12.04 14:23 No-Exit6811 Just for the heck of it, I decided to run a mock suppressor on my Walther P22 today (another gun in my airsoft Walther collection). It's unbelievably cursed, but I unironically kinda like it.

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2021.12.04 14:23 popsy13 I live near a local (once Premier league) football club, and the fans are renowned for leaving early if they’re getting beat?

Is it just my town? Or do any other towns football community do this?
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2021.12.04 14:23 Constantine665 Anyone know of this webtoon?

Hi, I've been trying to find a webtoon that I read a while back but I can't remember the title, idk if anyone will recognize it.
It's about 2 college kids who went back to their home town because the grandma of one of the college kids passed. When they get back, they unpacked their stuff and went to an old house they messed around at as kids. But the main character has psychic abilities that they are unaware of, she remembers that she sensed something in that house as a kid. She then meets some people who bought the house to fix it up and resell, but they also get a bad feeling about the house. The ghost that is attached to the house has a backstory about being murdered by her sister just so her sister could marry her fiance, and it just so happens that the sister of the ghost looks just like the main character.
That's about all I can remember, not the most accurate. Sorry for the spelling errors.
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Hii! I'm trading amp for robux or rhd! Name your price and we'll negtiogate!
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My pets:
Neon ones:
Neon FR horse
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Normal pets:
FR Cerberus
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Lunar ox
Red Panda
Shiba inu
Snow Puma
Chocolate lab
Snow cat
Tasmanian tiger
Cracked egg (x30)
Tysm for checking it out! Remember to name your price, I would love to trade with you <3
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Regardless of previous leaks and dataminning, which of these heroes (my personal wishlist) do you wish could make it into the game next or at some point during its run?
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Selling my signed Armstrong from FMA, signed by Chris SAB at, looking for $160 including shipping, negotiable.
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2021.12.04 14:23 redblueeightytwo Accidentally rejected 2nd transaction when claiming wAVAX rewards on Aave market.

My rewards reset but I did not receive my Avax. Is there anything I can do to retrieve it? Thanks for any help!
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2021.12.04 14:23 Candid_Kale_3309 Just needing some advice on which Battlefield game to buy for my spouse for christmas (details in text)

Hi there!
My husband loves Battlefield. I don't know *anything* about it, but I know he plays the one that's about World War 1, but he's been complaining that not a lot of people play that one anymore.
He mentioned there's a Battlefield game that everyone is playing now, but I honestly cannot remember which one.
I tried looking it up, but I guess the 2042 one got a lot of bad reviews?? So, now I don't know what to do.
I don't want to ask him because then he'll know he's getting it for Christmas. I want him to be TOTALLY surprised, I just don't know what everyone's playing! 😩 Any help appreciated.
I'll be posting this in the gaming sub as well, just in case you see it there, too.
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2021.12.04 14:23 Depressedbadger97 Is it wrong or evil to want a child?

I always wanted kids, and one day I really want at least one kid. I always get asked why and I say "I want a little version of me that I can raise better than I feel I was raised." I want to be able to love my child and idk, I get called selfish for even wanting one, and so on. Are humans just not supposed to breed?
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